Kaivalya Yoga


The Kaivalya Yoga method is a holistic practice designed to engage all aspects of one’s being and to set students on a path to embodied self-knowledge and self-empowerment. Through the physical practice of yoga; the vibrational experience of music, breath, and mantra; and the understanding revealed through philosophical and mythological stories; students are provided with with tools to become tuned to their own inner knowing.

What to expect

The practice of Kaivalya Yoga combines intelligent vinyasa sequences with rhythmic breath, music, and mantra to create a ritualistic experience that engages the whole body and psyche. Teachers provide hands-on assistance with poses and introduce concepts from mythology, philosophy and psychology to guide students toward a deeper understanding of self.  


Alanna Kaivalya developed the Kaivalya Yoga method as a culmination of her decade-plus experience teaching yoga and studying mythology, depth-psychology and spiritual traditions. She has recently begun offering teacher training programs in her signature yoga style.  

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Alanna Kaivalya

New York City
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