AcroYoga is a creative fusion of yoga and acrobatics, often with elements of dance and/or Thai Yoga Massage. It is a type of Partner Yoga, in which partners support each other to achieve challenging inversions, dynamic balancing postures, and flying poses. These exercises help build core strength, flexibility, balance, concentration, and confidence. It is a playful and often therapeutic practice that encourages cooperation and trust among partners.

What to expect

AcroYoga is a fun, adventurous, and uniquely social yoga style that emphasizes teamwork and trust. Along with the physical benefits, it's a great way to conquer fears and build relationships. Though the advanced poses can be challenging, anyone can learn AcroYoga; just be sure to practice with a knowledgeable instructor and the proper safeguards. If it seems intimidating at first, it'll be that much more satisfying and empowering when you and you partner master those impressive flying poses!


Jason Nemer and Jenny Sauer-Klein are credited with founding AcroYoga in 2003. Combining their backgrounds in yoga and acrobatics, they created a form of partner-supported yoga that has elements of performance art as well as physical and therapeutic value. They envision AcroYoga as a way to build human connections and create community by developing mind-body and interpersonal awareness.

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