Afro Flow Yoga

Afro Flow Yoga is a fusion of yoga and Meditation with African dance and music. Flowing vinyasa sequences become rhythmic to the beat of the drum and incorporate expressive dance movements that emphasize freedom in the hips. Attention on the breath draws the awareness into the present moment, turning the yoga dance into a moving Meditation.  The practice is both energizing and peaceful.

What to expect

Afro Flow Yoga classes are open to all levels of yoga and dance experience and welcome students from all racial and cultural backgrounds. The classes celebrate diversity and encourage a judgement-free community where all students can find liberation and freedom in their bodies. The African dance and music elements bring an earthy, soulful vibe to the classes that is refreshing and grounding.


Afro Flow Yoga was developed in 2008 by professional dancer and yoga instructor Leslie Salmon Jones as a way to bring more cultural diversity into traditional yoga practice. Leslie's husband and co-founder Jeff W. Jones, a multi-instrumentalist and recording artist, creates the live African soundtrack for her classes. An Afro Flow Yoga teacher training program was initiated in 2014.