Bellyfit Flow™

BellyFit Flow™ is a fusion of Vinyasa Flow Yoga and the Bellyfit™ fitness program, a popular style of movement that combines elements of yoga, Pilates, belly dance, Bollywood and African dance traditions. Designed just for women, Bellyfit™ strives for holistic fitness of the body, mind, heart and spirit, incorporating global music, tribal rhythms, and mudra Meditation to energize and refresh on every level. The Bellyfit Flow™ format downplays the cardio elements of the original Bellyfit™ program and focuses more on the connected flow of movement and breath, moving through traditional yoga-inspired sequences while adding in some of the signature Bellyfit™ dance elements.

What to expect

Bellyfit™ classes are designed for women of all ages, sizes, and fitness levels, and can be taught at varying levels of intensity to serve the needs of the individual. The vibe of the class is uplifting and empowering, with an emphasis on honoring the body and loving oneself. The Bellyfit Flow™ class is a more low-impact, gracefully flowing version of the original Bellyfit™ program, and takes place on a yoga mat in bare feet, like a traditional yoga class. Expect to sweat, breathe, sway, flow, and shake as you move through seamless vinyasa sequences with some expressive dance movements thrown in, followed by a brief meditation. Bellyfit™ classes are also known for their eclectic soundtracks of world music, tribal and techno rhythms, and relaxing ambient sounds.


Alice Bracegirdle created the Bellyfit™ holistic fitness system for women as a way to help women joyfully reconnect to the vital energy and power within them through movement, music, community and culture. The Bellyfit™ Flow format evolved a little later as a way to integrate Bellyfit™  into the yoga industry. Bellyfit™ has become an international phenomenon, with hundreds of certified  instructors across North America and Europe.