Benefit Yoga®

Benefit Yoga is strongly rooted in Yoga Therapy, Authentic Yoga, and Ayurveda.  Benefit Yoga is founded upon the concept of holding high respect for the interconnectedness of life. It is a holistic approach, incorporating multidimensional work to help practitioners achieve balance on many levels. Benefit Yoga also emphasizes the need for a comprehensive education of the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of yoga, and does this by drawing upon the teachings of such wide-ranging sources as biomedical science and Ayurveda.

What to expect

A Benefit Yoga class is centered around the belief that two essential pillars of health include mindfulness and self-empowerment.  In order to fully manifest these components of oneself, Benefit Yoga overlays traditional asanas (poses) with harmonizing breathwork and mantra. It strives to lead students toward inner calmness, self-discovery, and healing, with importance placed on free-flowing breath, meditation, intentional relaxation, and anatomy.


Benefit Yoga was created after 40 years of research and implementation of its philosophy and practice.  It was developed to place asanas in ordered steps to aid in the transformation of health, enhanced behaviors, and attitudes.