Bhakti Yoga

Bhakti Yoga is the path to spiritual enlightenment through devotion. According to ancient Hindu scripture, practicing an attitude of devotion to the Divine purifies the heart and mind and cultivates an awareness of the presence of the Divine in daily life. Bhakti Yoga uses practices such as chanting, ritual, Meditation and prayer to keep one’s mind and heart fixed on god. The relationship between a disciple and a spiritual guru is also seen as a medium for developing a personal relationship with the Divine. Acts of service and love for the guru are offered as a way to demonstrate devotion and surrender to god.

What to expect

The most popular form of Bhakti Yoga practice is kirtan, ecstatic singing or chanting of the names of god, usually in groups and with musical accompaniment. Other practices may include meditation on an image of the Divine, listening to scriptural stories, prayer, worship ceremonies, or acts of service.  


The tradition of Bhakti Yoga is often linked to the Bhagavad Gita, an ancient Hindu scripture known as a “love song to God”, which expressed the idea that pure, heartfelt devotion to God is a path to spiritual realization. Bhakti Yoga practice is unique for being universally accessible, requiring no special study or physical accomplishment, and has welcomed practitioners of any social class or gender throughout its history.  

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