Body-Mind Centering

Body-Mind Centering teaches an experiential approach to understanding the body, movement, consciousness, and their relationship to one another.  Drawing on principles from applied physiology and psychological development, Body-Mind Centering makes use of touch, movement, mind, and voice to assist with physical and mental re-patterning. The process is exploratory and personal, allowing students to gain an embodied understanding of the functioning of their own physiology, spirituality, and psychology. 

What to expect

Body-Mind Centering provides a safe space to explore the mind and spirit through the avenue of the body.  It utilizes specific principles which work to create a re-patterning in the body and mind. During class, students can expect elements of touch and movement, as well as use of the mind and voice.


Body-Mind Centering was developed by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. She is a registered movement therapist, registered occupational therapist, and a registered yoga teacher.  She brings a unique understanding of human development to the practice, via additional certifications in Laban Movement Analysis, Kestenberg Movement Profiling, and Neurodevelopmental Therapy.