Bollywood Vinyasa Yoga

Bollywood Vinyasa Yoga is a creative fusion of classical yoga postures with modern dance movements taken from India’s popular Bollywood style of cinema. This fun, expressive yoga style allows students to stretch and tone their bodies while listening to entertaining, upbeat music.

What to expect

Students of all levels can practice Bollywood Vinyasa Yoga. Classes are upbeat and full of energy. The hallmark of these classes is the music: a hybrid of hip-hop, Indian pop, and classical Indian music. These sounds provide the backdrop for an active Hatha yoga practice, which may be punctuated by belly dancing movements and modern dance.


Bollywood Vinyasa was developed by Hemalayaa Behl, who practiced yoga and different Indian dance styles for many years. The combination of these influences has culminated in modern methods of fitness, such as Bollywood Cardio and Bollywood Vinyasa.