Budokon Yoga

Budokon Yoga is a unique style of yoga that incorporates elements of martial arts training. The physical practice of Budokon Yoga is a combination of Hatha yoga flow and continuous circular rotation, with an emphasis on seamless transitions, intelligent alignment, and creative sequencing. Budokon Yoga is part of an integral Budokon system that includes not only movement arts but Meditation, living arts and philosophy. Students of the Budokon curriculum will be invited to examine their beliefs, emotions, living habits, and relationships to others and their environment.

What to expect

Budokon Yoga is a physically challenging practice designed to explore the body’s full range of motion. Budokon Yoga also emphasizes mindfulness and empowerment, inviting students to find freedom from fears and limiting beliefs through meditation and self-examination. Those who study Budokon at a more advanced level are eligible to earn colored belts, such as in other martial arts traditions.  


Budokon Yoga was developed by yoga and martial arts master Cameron Shayne in 2000. The Budokon system quickly became popular in Hollywood, and its celebrity following helped it to spread. In 2004, Shayne founded Budokon University, which offers training and certification programs in Budokon Yoga and Budokon Martial Arts. Today, there are more than 400 certified Budokon teachers around the world.  

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Cameron Shayne

Miami Beach
Budokon Yoga and Martial Arts Master Cameron Shayne teaches a unique mix of yoga, martial arts and zen meditation.