Curvy Yoga

Curvy Yoga is an inspiring, safe space for new students to embark upon a yoga practice.  Specifically geared toward plus-sized women, Curvy Yoga aims to serve as a training gateway for curvy yogis and their teachers and allies. It provides a non-judgmental, serene atmosphere for students to begin to explore the mind-body connection through yoga. Curvy Yoga also contains a unique teaching style, which is based on productive, positive communication with oneself and with others

What to expect

Curvy Yoga classes focus on teaching yoga in a way that is peaceful, non-judgmental, and universally accessible, while staying true to the nature of yoga poses and philosophy.


Curvy Yoga was created by Anna Guest-Jelley, who after years of yoga practice wanted to create a style of yoga and a method of teaching geared toward curvy women.

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Anna Guest-Jelley