DDP Yoga

DDP Yoga is a branded yoga and fitness program that combines key elements of yoga, traditional fitness, sports therapy, and dynamic resistance to create a highly effective workout with minimal joint impact. Designed by pro wrestler Diamond Dallas Page, DDP Yoga grew out of a rehabilitative program he created for himself when recovering from a serious sports injury. Because DDP Yoga builds strength, flexibility and cardio levels without placing undue stress on the joints, it is perfect for athletes whose bodies have suffered from years of high impact sports, and is currently used by professional wrestlers and football players. However, the program is also very accessible to those who are not in high physical condition, and has been shown to be very effective for weight loss.

What to expect

DDP Yoga combines basic yoga with elements of strength conditioning, Pilates, and mixed martial arts for a well-rounded, low-impact workout. DDP Yoga is designed to let you work at your own ability level with consistency, so that no matter where you start, you can begin to see progress quickly in the areas of weight loss, lean muscle growth, core strength, and overall fitness. DDP Yoga is packaged as an at-home fitness program available at four levels: beginning, intermediate, advanced, and extreme. Some DDP workshops and retreats are also available.


DDP Yoga was designed by former World Champion Professional Wrestler Diamond Dallas Page, who needed a program to help him recover from a sports injury while reconditioning him for his physically stressful athletic career. He combined yoga and sports therapy for rehabilitation, and added strength and cardio training to give him a stronger workout. The program allowed him to re-enter the wrestling ring just three months after suffering his potentially career-ending injury.