Deep Yoga

Deep Yoga is a comprehensive, classically rooted yoga practice that draws on all of the traditional branches of yoga, including asana, pranayama, Meditation, and Ayurveda, in order to achieve self-realization and healing. Students seek mastery of the body through expressive yoga poses, mastery of the life force through breathing  techniques, and mastery of the mind through inner mantra and chanting. Deep Yoga is taught by Bhava Ram and Laura Plumb through their Deep Yoga School of Healing Arts, which specializes in therapeutic yoga and Ayurveda.

What to expect

Deep Yoga classes are rooted in traditional yogic wisdom, incorporating insights from ancient yoga philosophy and the science of Ayurveda. Students practice yoga asanas as well as breathing and mental techniques, including meditation mantras, chanting and visualization. The yoga sequences may be strong and energetic or gentle and restorative, but are performed with deep intention and mindfulness. The instructors are very knowledgeable about the therapeutic benefits of yogic techniques, so this is a great class for those who seek physical, mental, or emotional healing.


Deep Yoga was developed by Bhava Ram and Laura Plumb, founders of the Deep Yoga School of Healing Arts, two exceptionally experienced yogis and Ayurvedic therapists. The practice draws on techniques and philosophies from the most ancient and sacred of yogis texts, including the Vedas, the Yoga Sutras, the Upanishads, and the Bhagavad Gita.

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Bhava Ram

San Diego
Bhava Ram, founder of the Deep Yoga School of Healing Arts, offers yoga teacher training and Ayurvedic consulting.