Dharma Yoga

Dharma Yoga is a comprehensive, classical yoga practice taught by a master yogi from India, drawing on his life experience and on the ancient, sacred texts. Dharma Yoga extends beyond the physical practice of the traditional yoga asanas to encompass a holistic lifestyle, including diet and purification practices, Meditation and contemplation, ethics and philosophy, in order to attain spiritual freedom. The physical components of Dharma Yoga foster the development of strength and power within the body, offering protection from illnesses and diseases while improving one’s attitude and overall health.

What to expect

Dharma Yoga classes are based on Dharma Mittra’s own experience of becoming a yogi and are therefore taught from a deep, integrative perspective. Instructors impart philosophical teachings to accompany the practice of yogic exercises and encourage students to keep a daily practice record. Classes range from very gentle to very advanced.


After over 50 years of studying and practicing yoga, Sri Dharma Mittra developed Dharma Yoga to share his acquired wisdom with others.

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