Flow Play

Flow Play is a yoga class that uses a carefully designed music soundtrack to enhance mind-body coordination. Unlike other yoga classes set to music, Flow Play is based on neuroscientific research about the powerful ways that music can affect the brain and body. Music tracks are chosen to complement specific poses and sequences, using sound and rhythm to boost energy, focus, or relaxation where appropriate. Flow Play is offered through Equinox Fitness Centers in two formats: Flow Play Vinyasa, an energetic yoga class that focuses on smooth, flowing transitions between poses, and Flow Play Restore, a Restorative Yoga class that uses music to gently open the body and mind.

What to expect

Flow Play classes are designed for all levels. The Flow Play Vinyasa class offers a more challenging workout, while the Flow Play Restore class is a perfect wind-down at the end of the day. Each class will be unique, as different instructors will teach different sequences, and the DJs will select different music tracks to match. The music is thoughtfully married to the yoga sequences in a way that enhances your practice rather than distracting from it.


Flow Play was designed by Equinox yoga instructor, music producer, music journalist and DJ Derek Beres, in conjunction with three-time Grammy nominated musician Philip Steir. The class is based upon neuroscientific research about how music affects the brain and body during movement.

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Derek Beres

Santa Monica
Derek Beres is an innovative yoga instructor, creator of Flow Play yoga at Equinox, respected writer and music DJ.