Forrest Yoga

Forrest Yoga is a powerful and physically intense practice designed to create a transformative experience on the yoga mat that students can then carry back into daily life. Classes focus on developing core strength, both physically and spiritually. The challenging practice motivates students to push through mental and emotional blocks that limit them from becoming their best selves. The benefits of Forrest Yoga include improved strength, posture, confidence, and attitude.

What to expect

While physically challenging, Forrest Yoga does not require great flexibility or strength of its students. Rather, it asks students to cultivate a willingness to learn how to respond to challenges, explore their limits, and experience honest emotions. Students develop an awareness of their own potential and are given a space in which to create new paradigms for approaching challenges, practicing patience, and developing self-compassion.


Ana Forrest created Forrest Yoga based on the notion that yoga is inherently healing and therapeutic, and when the practice is linked with positive language and encouragement, it can transform the way students experience life at large.

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