Freedom Style Yoga

Freedom Style Yoga is an instinctive, intuitive practice designed to help practitioners develop their own personal, authentic expressions of yoga.    The practice is centered around listening to one’s own conscience and heart to tune into the wisdom of the universe and develop trust in one’s inner guidance. The benefits of FreedOM Yoga include increased confidence, positivity, focus, clarity, and inner peace.


What to expect

Freedom Style Yoga is an advanced practice that is not inherently physically demanding, but is challenging in its practice of deep introspection and subtle self-awareness. Teachings include physical asanas and meditation.


Erich Schiffmann is an experienced yoga master widely known for his award-winning video, Yoga Mind & Body, and his best-selling book, Moving Into Stillness. Eric developed Freedom Style Yoga as a way to facilitate an authentic, personalized yoga practice that develops trust in one's inner guidance.