Heart Yoga

Heart Yoga is a yoga practice rooted in spirituality.  At the core of the practice are contemplations on traditional yogic teachings and the concepts of “celestial light” and “sacred heart”. The physical component of the practice–that is, the movement through poses–is designed to serve as a vehicle by which students may access higher consciousness.  Heart Yoga strives to inspire those within the yoga community to become catalysts for spiritual development and self-actualization. Heart Yoga emphasizes a focus on the mystical image of the Sacred Marriage of Immanence and Transcendence.  Heart Yoga promotes approaching the practice with joy, compassion, sacred peace, and sacred passion.

What to expect

Heart Yoga classes combine ancient yoga teachings with mystical wisdom.  Students can expect to practice traditional yoga postures and sequencing along with instruction regarding the teachings of yogic philosophy and various mystical traditions.


Heart Yoga was developed by renowned spiritual writer Andrew Harvey and long-time yoga teacher Karuna Erickson with the intention of inspiring the yoga community to more actively utilize yoga as a tool to facilitate the divination of the physical body.

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