Hridaya Yoga Sutra

Hridaya Yoga Sutra is a spiritually-oriented yoga practice which draws on the teachings of Christianity, Buddhism, and Taoism as well as yogic principles from the Sutras, Shaivism, Tantra and more. The aim of Hridaya Yoga Sutra is to live in the Supreme Reality, experiencing the Divine. The practice focuses on harnessing momentum, effort, and energy to create optimal internal conditions for awakening the Spiritual Heart. Regular practice of Hridaya Yoga Sutra helps participants learn how to enjoy every moment of existence with peace and happiness. 

What to expect

Hridaya Yoga Sutra incorporates aspects of Hatha Yoga, meditation, and sacred teachings with the aim of awakening the practitioner's Spiritual Heart. Classes also focus on techniques for silencing the mind and gaining the capacity for concentration.


Ramana Maharshi developed Hridaya Yoga Sutra to help students experience the essence of their Spiritual Hearts and overcome personal attachments, sentimentalism, and anxiety to allow for freer expression and exploration of oneself.

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