Inner Axis


Inner Axis Yoga is an Integral Yoga system designed to harmonize the body, mind and emotions and facilitate personal transformation. Developed by Max Strom from his life experience and decades of yoga, teaching, and spiritual practice, the Inner Axis system incorporates yoga postures, breathwork, Meditation, self-enquiry and life philosophy to cultivate inner and outer health.

What to expect

  Inner Axis Yoga uses traditional yoga practices such as hatha yoga postures, breathing exercises and meditation, as well as more contemporary methods of self-inquiry and philosophy, as a path to personal transformation. The practice is intended to help students move through physical, emotional and mental blocks to achieve greater consciousness, compassion and joy.


Inner Axis Yoga was developed by yoga master Max Strom as a culmination of his life experience and deep knowledge of yoga and other personal growth disciplines.  

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Max Strom

Max Strom is a top rated Yoga Teacher located in Venice, CA, USA, former owner and director of the highly influential Sacred Movement Center for Yoga and Healing. Find him on Timetoyoga!