Inner Power® Yoga

Inner Power Yoga is a dynamic practice designed to address all aspects of body, mind, and spirit.  The aim of Inner Power Yoga is to awaken the Inner Mind, or universal consciousness, which exists beneath the chatter of the personal mind’s anxieties and desires. The practice fuses high-energy, flowing sequences with therapeutic bodily alignment and authentic yogic philosophy. Attention is placed on the vibration of universal energy, which manifests as authentic movement in the body.

What to expect

During an Inner Power Yoga class, you can expect a strong focus on the creative vibration of collective energy as it manifests in the movement of the body.  The philosophy of Inner Power Yoga emphasizes the magnificence of our true nature and our interconnectedness to all things.


R.R. Shakti developed Inner Power Yoga in 2001. Drawing on ancient yogic philosophy and modern yoga theory, Inner Power Yoga combines dynamic, flowing sequences with therapeutic alignment principles and an emphasis on tuning in to the flow of universal energy as it is expressed in the authentic movement of the body.