Insight Yoga


Insight Yoga is a unique yoga style that weaves traditional yoga postures with insights from Buddhism, Taoism, and Transpersonal Psychology to create an integral practice for the body, mind, and heart. The physical practice of Insight Yoga balances gentle “Yin” style floor poses with a slow-flow “Yang” series of postures drawn from classical Ashtanga and Iyengar and influenced by Viniyoga and Qi Gong. Meditation and breathing exercises are also incorporated to encourage mindfulness and non-reactivity.

What to expect

  During an Insight Yoga class, students are guided through a combination of receptive “yin” poses and active “yang” poses, as well as Buddhist-style mindfulness meditation. Concepts from Buddhist philosophy, Chinese medicine, and transpersonal psychology are subtly woven into the instruction to give context to each practice.


Insight Yoga was created by Sarah Powers and draws on her 25 years of yoga teaching, educational background in Transpersonal Psychology, and in-depth training in the Vipassana, Tantric and Dzogchen practices of Buddhism.

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Sarah Powers

Sarah Powers is a top rated Yoga Teacher located in Marin, CA, USA.