Integrative Yoga Therapy

Integrative Yoga Therapy was created for use within mainstream and medical wellness facilities, such as rehabilitation centers and hospitals, to assist patients recovering from illness and injury. Integrative Yoga Therapy is grounded in a holistic philosophy which suggests that healing must occur within all levels of the patient’s being–emotional, spiritual, and physical–in order to be successful.

What to expect

Integrative Yoga Therapy offers a well-rounded approach to healing on a physical, psychological and spiritual level.  Integrative Yoga Therapy sessions may include physical therapy, speech therapy or psychological therapy along with yoga, meditation and breathing exercises. Sessions will be personalized for the needs of the patient.


Integrative Yoga Therapy was created by Joseph Le Page in 1993 to develop a yoga program tailored to mainstream wellness and medical settings, specifically rehabilitation centers and hospitals.  In an effort to enhance Western medicine, Integrative Yoga Therapy caters primarily to those recovering from injury and illness who are looking for a holistic, comprehensive approach to healing.