Kali Natha Yoga

Kali Natha Yoga is a deeply spiritual practice described as “moving prayer.” Drawing on both Western and Eastern philosophies, it strives to release blocks and limitations in the body, mind and spirit to allow the practitioner to experience oneness. Kali Natha Yoga’s name is derived from the all-embracing Mother Kali, a Hindu goddess associated with empowerment, and the ancient Nathas or Yogis from Lord Shiva’s lineage. This balance of the feminine and masculine energies creates a balanced, comprehensive practice which facilitates a deep sense of self-awareness.

What to expect

A Kali Natha Yoga class utilizes mantra (chanting), pranayama (breathwork) and mudra (flowing gestures), striving to open up every chakra and weave together the body, soul and mind. Classes are open to students of all levels of experience or fitness; there are no beginning to advanced "levels."


Kali Natha Yoga was founded by Ma Jaya, who describes the practice as a moving worship and prayer.