Kripalu Yoga Dance


Kripalu Yoga Dance is one of the most free-form of yoga styles. It is a combination of guided, flowing yoga postures and opportunities for individualized expression. The practice is based around the chakras, or seven energy centers of the body, and is designed to tap into each energy, from the earthy root chakra up through the heart chakra to the spiritual crown chakra. Through this practice, students are empowered to tap into their inner rhythm and innate joy.

What to expect

  Kripalu Yoga Dance can be practiced by any body and any experience level. It is a fun, flowing series of movements ranging from dynamic to graceful to meditative. Students are guided through some traditional yoga postures, but there is not a strict set of rules for how to move or any complicated choreography. The practice is set to an eclectic range of world music for a light-hearted, upbeat vibe, and the atmosphere is supportive and non-judgmental.


In 1980, the well-known Kripalu Yoga Center began a program fusing yoga and dance, called DansKinetics. Later, the practice was trademarked as Kripalu Yoga Dance. Today, there are several personalized variations of this practice taught by Kripalu Center alumni such as Megha-Nancy Buttenheim, Beth Rigby and David Leven.