Kula Flow Yoga

Kula Flow Yoga is a Vinyasa (flowing) style which emphasizes alignment and creativity.  Kula Flow Yoga utilizes both  standing and seated postures guided by steady breath; because deep and steady breath feeds the physical body, emphasis is often placed on the depth of breathing over maximal expression of a posture.  Kula Flow Yoga is a  physically demanding practice which supports physical strengthening, improved flexibility, calmness of mind, and happiness of spirit. While physically difficult, Kula Flow Yoga is accessible to many levels in that it encourages testing and understanding one’s own personal limits, whatever they might be.

What to expect

Kula Flow’s classes are available for students of all levels; however, they do tend to be more physically rigorous. Classes are comprised mainly of vigorous sun salutations,  followed by various standing and balancing postures and bandha (engaging deep, inner musculature).  Classes are typically practiced in this specific order to develop strength and flexibility while also promoting calmness and peace of mind.


Kula Flow Yoga was developed by Schuyler Grant, who is the director of Project Kula Yoga in New York City. She developed Kula Flow to incorporate bandha with a combination of asanas (poses) and breath.

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