LifeForce® Yoga

Originally designed as a therapeutic tool for those suffering from depression, anxiety, and psychological and emotional trauma, LifeForce Yoga serves as a powerful healing practice for its students. By combining ancient Tantric and Classical practices with scientific understandings of the brain, mind, and behavior, LifeForce Yoga embodies a true hybridization of Eastern and Western philosophies. It encourages participants to develop compassion for themselves, and to embrace who they are. The LifeForce method is adaptable to each student, ensuring that the  individual moves into a balanced mental, physical and emotional state of self-awareness and equanimity.

What to expect

LifeForce Yoga classes incorporate aspects of meditation, Tantra and classical yoga postures to foster the establishment of a balanced, calm, nonreactive mind.


LifeForce Yoga was developed by Amy Weintraub as a therapeutic tool specifically targeted toward improving mental health.