Lilias Style Yoga

Lilias Style Yoga is a gentle style of yoga which draws on several different yoga traditions and on the personal experiences of its founder, Lilias Folan. Lilias Style Yoga focuses on breathing and alignment while putting careful attention on each pose. The poses are often explained and expounded upon extensively, both to prevent injury and to clarify the purpose and intention of each pose. The practice of Lilias Style Yoga improves flexibility and energy by accessing every major joint and muscle in the body, while cultivating deep self-awareness through focused intention.

What to expect

During Lilias Style classes, students can expect to gently engage in various postures while paying attention to breath and alignment. Instructors spend much time describing the postures in detail and making careful adjustments. The benefits of Lilias Yoga include improved balance, flexibility, focus, posture, energy awareness, and inner peace.


Lilias Folan, founder of Lilias Style Yoga, considers herself a life-long spiritual seeker. She developed her unique style of yoga as a way to practice truly connecting with one's inner self.