Lotus Flow Yoga

Lotus Flow is a signature style of Vinyasa yoga taught and practiced at the Laughing Lotus Yoga Center. The style consists of a specific, creative sequence of poses which flow smoothly from one to the next, designed to strengthen and loosen the body, open the heart, and calm the mind. Attention is placed on alignment and on the flow of breath, cultivating mindfulness and inner stillness within an invigorating practice. Classes are set to music and are finished off with Meditation and relaxation.

What to expect

Lotus Flow classes are organized by level, with the Level 1-1/2 classes focusing on general strength and flexibility exercises and the Level 2/3 -3 classes providing more challenging poses at a faster tempo. There are also variations on the basic Lotus Flow class, including the rhythmic Morning Flow class, the heart-pumping Power Lotus class, the gentle Lotus Yin class, and the alignment-focused Lotus Alignment Lab.


Lotus Flow was created by Jasmine Tarkeshi and Dana Flynn for their Laughing Lotus Yoga Center, first founded in New York City in 2000. Their intention was to create a practice that offers the yogic gifts of a healthy body, calm mind, and joyful spirit.

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