Mythic Yoga Flow

Mythic Yoga Flow is an innovative approach to yoga that weaves yogic mythology and philosophy into a flowing asana practice.  Asana sequences are designed to correspond to specific gods and goddesses from the ancient Vedic mythology, who represent particular archetypal qualities of consciousness and energy. Students hear the inspiring myths and stories associated with these deities and gain insight into the wisdom that they hold for our own lives. By practicing the asanas, mantras, and mudras (symbolic hand gestures) that correspond to each deity, students learn to embody those archetypal energies. 

What to expect

Mythic Yoga Flow combines asana, mantra, breathwork, music and storytelling for a rich, multi-dimensional practice. The asana consists of fluid, vinyasa-style sequences that link poses together on a thread of breath and intention. The music and myth engages the spirit, imagination, and deeper understanding for a fully immersive, integrative experience.


Mythic Yoga Flow was developed by celebrated yogi Sianna Sherman, drawing on her deep studies of yoga and Tantric philosophy and her love for traditional storytelling, ceremony, music and dance.

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Sianna Sherman

San Francisco
Sianna Sherman, creator of Mythic Flow Yoga, is a top Yoga Teacher located in San Francisco, CA, USA.