OM Yoga

Based on the ancient traditions of yoga as well as Tibetan Buddhism, OM Yoga is a physical and spiritual practice that strives to fuse compassion and mindfulness into all aspects of life. “Om” is said to be the primordial sound that facilitated creation, and repeating this mantra is intended to enliven that universal creative energy within one’s own awareness.  The practice of OM Yoga combines alignment-based vinyasa yoga asanas with Tibetan Buddhist style Meditation and chanting.

What to expect

During an OM Yoga class, students engage in medium-paced Vinyasa sequences with a strong focuse on alignment.  The chanting of the word "om" serves as a focal point throughout the class, providing students with a therapeutic physical vibration that resonates with the sacred energy of the universe. Students can expect to encounter Tibetan Buddhist concepts such as compassion and mindfulness.


Cyndi Lee, founder and developer of OM Yoga and the OM Center in New York City, was inspired by her extensive practice of yoga and studies of Tibetan Buddhism.

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