OmGym® Suspension Yoga™

OmGym® Suspension Yoga™ is a playful and therapeutic form of yoga that uses a variable support system of fabric slings to assist with achieving challenging yoga postures, including inversions and aerial yoga. The use of suspension in yoga makes use of the force of gravity to decompress the spine, strengthen core stabilizing muscles, and stretch the entire body. With comfortable support for a wide range of body movements, students are able to explore yoga postures more deeply and fearlessly, improving their balance, coordination, flexibility, and confidence.

What to expect

During an OmGym® Suspension Yoga™ class, you will learn to use the fabric sling suspension system and adjust it to your ideal comfortable setting. With the support of the suspension system, you will be guided through a variety of grounded and aerial postures that draw on traditional yoga as well as athletic therapy, while learning to customize the exercises for your body type.


OmGym® was founded by Sarah Kellett, ERYT-500, in 2005, after she discovered the art of suspension to be a crucial part of her recovery from a car accident. Drawing on her background in yoga and athletic therapy, she created her own rehabilitation program using the age-old practice of assisted inversion and traction therapy, practiced by ancient Greeks and Indian yogis alike, and re-popularized in the modern era by B.K.S. Iyengar. With the use of variable support from fabric slings, she was able to decompress her spine and expand her range of movements, leading to a full recovery.