ParaYoga draws on the most ancient and comprehensive yoga traditions and presents them in a contemporary context. The purpose of ParaYoga is to master one’s life by mastering one’s essential life-force or energy. According to classical Tantric teachings, the energy forces within the body mirror those in the outer universe, and refining and developing these forces within helps to bring success and fulfillment in the world as well. ParaYoga practice utilizes hatha yoga asanas, breathwork, Meditation, and a variety of other ancient yogic practices in order to develop and refine one’s life-force.

What to expect

ParaYoga classes combine dynamic Vinyasa Krama sequences with a variety of other practices that involve body, breath and mind, ranging from meditation, chanting and visualization to pranayama (breath work), bandhas (accessing internal muscles) and mudras (flowing gestures). Emphasis is placed on the energetics in each of these practices, in accord with Tantric philosophy. Students can expect to leave class feeling re-enlivened in body, mind, and spirit.


ParaYoga was developed by Rod Stryker in 1995, following his experiences as a student of Pandit Rajmani Tigunait and Kavi Yogiraj.