Partner Yoga

Partner Yoga is an interdependent yoga practice in which two people engage in interconnected, mutually beneficial poses. Traditional hatha postures or vinyasa-style movements are modified so that both partners must work together to achieve the proper effect. Partner yoga relies on touch and subtle communication, and is therefore considered a great relationship tool, helping to build trust, sensitivity and intimacy between partners. Most partner yoga is not specifically sexual, and may be practiced by families or friends as well as couples.

What to expect

Partner yoga is for all levels, and may be practiced even if one or more partner has no prior yoga experience. The practice is less about achieving a physical workout and more about connecting and communicating with your partner. Exercises range from simple back-to-back meditation or assisted bends and stretches to symmetrical, dance-like movements or more challenging acrobatic poses. It is can be a playful practice that loosens you up and makes you laugh, or a profound practice that makes you aware of the way you and your partner share energy and space.


Partner Yoga is a newly emerging form of yoga which has its roots in the ancient tradition of Tantra, with its philosophy that relationship to another is a powerful path for spiritual awakening.

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