Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is a unique one-on-one practice that fuses elements of modern mind-body psychology and therapy with classical yoga poses. Its aim is to bring about a release of both emotional blockages and physical tensions through the use of practitioner-assisted yoga postures, guided breathing, and non-directive dialogue.  The practice of Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy facilitates a connection between the emotional and physical self, and aids in personal growth by encouraging the release of negative holding patterns in mind, spirit and body.

What to expect

During a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy session, the client is gently guided through various yoga postures with sensitive hands-on assistance. Through focused breathing and an open-ended dialogue process, the client places awareness on thoughts and feelings that emerge in the present moment, and verbalizes them within a safe and loving space. This physical and psychological process allows the client to release unprocessed experiences, traumas, and out-dated beliefs and thought patterns.


Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy was created during the mid 1980s by Michael Lee, drawing on his studies of humanistic psychology and yoga therapy. Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy utilizes the relationship between the physical and emotional self to help heal the body, mind, and spirit.

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