Prajna Yoga

Prajna Yoga is a deep and mindful yoga practice designed to develop heightened awareness of one’s full Self, beginning with the outer layers of the body and mind and moving inward toward the subtler, inner space. Through asanas, Meditations, and the yoga of sound, students practice sensitive inner listening, honing their somatic awareness and learning to witness thoughts and feelings. Teachers may use metaphoric and mythic language derived from ancient yogic texts to describe the body’s subtle energy systems in a way that engages the students’ imagination and articulates finer feelings. Classes may even incorporate dreamwork to facilitate students’ self-discovery. 

What to expect

During a Prajna Yoga class, asanas are practiced with a meditative quality of attention. The emphasis is on the mindfulness within the pose, rather than on the physical pose itself. Exercises such as guided meditations, breathwork, and chanting help to focus awareness on the subtler layers of the mind and body. Classes may also share verses, myths, and wisdom from ancient yogic texts.


Prajna Yoga was developed by Tias and Surya Little, as a way to incorporate classical yoga practice with the the contemplative traditions of Buddhism and the subtle body wisdom of the Taoist 5-element theory.

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Tias and Surya Little

Santa Fe
Tias & Surya Little teach yoga, Ayurveda and Eastern philosophy at Prajna Yoga in Santa Fe, NM, USA.