Scaravelli Method

The Scarvelli method of yoga was specifically developed for older individuals who may be new to yoga. The practice is intended to release tension that surrounds the spine, allowing freedom of movement to return. Unlike other yoga styles which  depend on muscle strength to lengthen the spine, the Scarvelli method utilizes a combination of breath-work and gravity. The Scarvelli method has roots in Iyengar’s principles of alignment, as well as Deskikachar’s focus on breath.

What to expect

During a Scarvelli class, students learn to yield to gravity with sharp exhales at the beginning of each movement.


Vanda Scaravelli developed the method in the years after World War II.  She became passionate about yoga following the death of her husband, after which she began studying under the philosopher J. Krishnamurti and yogi B.K.S. Iyengar.