SHAKTI Vinyasa Yoga


SHAKTI Vinyasa yoga is a moderately challenging form of vinyasa based on the idea of fluid, wave-like movements and flowing sequences that follow a circular form. SHAKTI Vinyasa is set to the pulse of music and regulated breathing, making each movement feel intentional and disciplined, yet expressive. Postures may include arm balancing, back bends, inversions, and hip openers.

What to expect

  SHAKTI Vinyasa is recommended for those who have at least six months of other vinyasa experience. The practice is powerful yet graceful, with flowing sequences of postures and synchronized breathing. The studio is heated, but only to about 90 degrees, helping to loosen the body. Classes may incorporate music and chanting, philosophy and moving meditation.


SHAKTI Vinyasa yoga was created in 2003 by Lisa Black, drawing on the postures and philosophies of power yoga pioneer Baron Baptiste, master vinyasa teacher Shiva Rea, and restorative yoga luminary Ana Forrest.

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Lisa Black

Lisa Black is a certified Baptiste Yoga Teacher at SHAKTI Vinyasa Yoga studio in Seattle, WA, USA.