Shambhava™ Yoga

Shambhava Yoga presents the timeless teachings of yoga through a present-day practice that incorporates Meditation, asana (postures), and selfless service. Students are encouraged to “combine heart-work and hard work,” balancing spiritual development with activity in the world while using the practice of Meditation to grow and rise above the challenges of everyday life.

What to expect

The physical practice of Shambhava Yoga involves exercises for maintaining the natural, aligned curvature of the spine. Classes typically start with a warmup, followed by asanas (physical postures), breathing exercises, and a brief meditation.


Sri Shambhavananda created Shambhava Yoga in 1975 with the goal of promoting timeless yoga teachings in a modern setting. There are multiple Shambhava Yoga affiliate centers and ashrams, all of which strive to guide visitors in using yoga to grow and improve their lives.