Shriyoga is not a particular yoga style or method, but an approach to yoga, as taught by Elisabeth Rossa and the other teachers at her Shriyoga center in New York City. Shriyoga views yoga as an ever-evolving path to self-knowledge, driven by continuous curiosity and inquiry into the nature of Self and life. Drawing on Tantric philosophy, which states that universal consciousness exists within us all, Shriyoga uses yogic techniques such as asana and Meditation to encourage students to tap into their inner knowing and approach life with fearless integrity.

What to expect

Shriyoga classes are known for their communal vibe and personal attention. The asanas are based on Anusara and Vinyasa styles, while the meditation practices are based on the Tantric tradition of non-duality.


Shriyoga is a unique approach to yoga developed by Elisabeth Rossa for her Shriyoga center in NYC. Her approach draws largely on her studies with meditation and Tantric philosophy master Sally Kempton and with yoga master Richard Freeman.