Slackline Yoga


Slackline Yoga is the practice of yoga poses while balancing on a slackline, a 1” piece of webbing tensioned between two points. This challenging practice requires great focus, breath control, and core strength. Balancing on the slackline requires a smooth and steady flow between each pose, making Slackline Yoga a unique form of Vinyasa. The practice can be made more or less difficult depending upon how long the slackline is.

What to expect

Before doing yoga on a slackline, you have to learn how to stand on it without falling off. Eventually, however, you can move into various yoga poses, including standing, sitting, and kneeling postures, and even arm balances and inversions. To get started, try a workshop or an instructional DVD that explains how to do this practice safely.


Slackline Yoga was created in 2005 by Sam Salwei and Jason Magness, two yoga and climbing enthusiasts who had begun to experiment with slacklining. They formed the company YogaSlackers, which has since trained many thousands of people in the art of Slackline Yoga.

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