Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga


Stand-Up Paddleboard Yoga or SUP Yoga combines two of today’s most popular fitness trends: yoga and stand-up paddleboard. In SUP Yoga, a paddleboard is used as a floating yoga mat. Students are challenged to remain balanced on the board while transitioning through a series of yoga postures. The practice helps to develop core strength and mental focus while adding a refreshing outdoor element to the yoga experience.

What to expect

  It is recommended that students have some experience with basic stand-up paddleboard before attempting SUP Yoga. In an SUP yoga class, students will typically warm up on land with a few basic yoga poses, then paddle out to a calm space of water and begin balancing on the board. Students may begin with kneeling or sitting postures, which keep the center of gravity low, and then progress to more challenging standing poses. Don’t be afraid to fall and get wet!


Stand-up paddleboard began in Hawaii in the 1960s, while yoga is thousands of years old, but both practices have exploded in popularity in the last few decades. It was perhaps inevitable that these two popular forms of exercise would be combined into a hot new fitness trend that has taken off all over the country.

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