Synergy Yoga

Synergy Yoga is a flowing style of Hatha Yoga which is organized around the 5 basic elements of creation according to Ayurveda: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether. Each element has its own movement sequence which embodies the qualities of that element; the Earth sequence, for example, is grounding and cooling, while the Fire sequence is energizing and purifying. These elemental sequences are practiced at particular times of year to maintain a balance of elemental energies throughout the changing seasons.

What to expect

Synergy Yoga classes are typically organized around the seasons in order to activate the elemental qualities that are most needed at a particular time of year. So, for instance, movement sequences corresponding with the fire element are practiced during the winter in order to boost immunity and stamina during the colder months. The practice of Synergy Yoga is very harmonious with nature and with the Ayurvedic system of health.


Synergy Yoga was founded by Peri Ness DeFay, who began practicing yoga at a young age. DeFay created Synergy Yoga based on her experiences teaching, studying, and practicing Hatha Yoga.