TriYoga is an innovative yoga style that combines asana (poses), pranayama (rhythmic breathing), and mudra (symbolic hand gestures) in a series of flowing, dance-like movements. The movements are meditative and deliberate, with focus on alignment, economy of motion, and relaxation in action. The transition from one posture to the next results in a wave-like motion of the spine, stimulating the kundalini energy.

What to expect

Triyoga is a creative, relaxing practice, often practiced to music. The practice can be gentle or challenging, depending on the level. Triyoga classes are organized into seven levels of instruction, although it is not uncommon for students at varying levels to practice all together. Students focus on moving with precise alignment and minimal effort, building strength, flexibility, balance, and breath control.


Kali Ray (Kaliji) developed the Triyoga method in 1980, while she was leading group meditation. She established the TriYoga Center in Santa Cruz, California in 1986 .