Yantra Yoga

Yantra Yoga is an ancient yoga system from Tibet. The practice involves a series of postures similar to those of Hatha Yoga, but the postures are assumed and applied in a unique way, with an emphasis on the entire movement, not just the final pose. Yantra Yoga highlights seven sequential phases of movement that are connected with seven phases of breathing. This conscious coordination of breath and movement, along with mental visualization, is used to harmonize the body’s vital energy and relax the mind.

What to expect

During a Yantra Yoga class, students practice a unique series of movements that are linked with specific breathing techniques. Students may also engage in meditative visualization of abstract geometric shapes and patterns, which are understood to illustrate the way energy manifests in the physical world.


Yantra Yoga, which originated in Tibet,  is one of the oldest documented systems of yoga.  It displays numerous similarities to another ancient system of yoga, Hatha Yoga.