Yoga for Seniors


Yoga for Seniors classes are designed for older practitioners and their unique physical challenges. Traditional yoga poses are modified to accommodate more limited movement and more delicate bones, and props may be used to help ease students into poses safely and gently. Classes focus on postures that increase flexibility, circulation and ease of movement, counteracting the spine- and joint-stiffening effects of age. The practice of yoga for seniors has been demonstrated to ease age-related health conditions such as arthritis, bone weakness, and high blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Other benefits include improved energy levels, reduced stress, more balanced hormones, and better mental and physical fitness.

What to expect

  Yoga for Seniors classes are gentle and non-competitive. A variety of poses are practiced to help develop flexibility, strength, and balance, but the poses are held for shorter periods and are modified with the use of props to avoid strain and risk of injury. Meditation and breathing exercises may also be incorporated into a class.


There have always been seniors who practice yoga, but never before have there been so many seniors learning yoga for the first time. The recent explosion of yoga’s popularity in the West and the accumulation of scientific studies on the health and therapeutic benefits of yoga has helped to spread yoga practice throughout all levels of society. As a result, more and more yoga teachers are designing classes specifically for older practitioners.